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Tower WideScreen City Cam
Fresno, California
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Tower City Cam - Fresno's Tower District

A vital presence of the Tower's cherished playwright, William Saroyan, can still be
felt in the ArtDeco College Drug Store, World Class restaurants like Irenes Cafe, and
on stage in the Off-Broadway & Dinner Theatre venue!

Also of interest - Check the Fresno CityCam and the Clovis CityCam for reliable
and timely morning local traffic conditions around town.

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Yosemite Valley - Half Dome
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Travel Weather ~ Distance From Clovis:
Clovis, CA - (12.98 miles)
Yosemite National Park, CA - (38.58 miles)
Hanford, CA - (42.14 miles)
Kings Canyon National Park, CA - (51.24 miles)
Sequoia National Park, CA - (74.28 miles)
Mammoth, CA - (76.63 miles)
Bakersfield, CA - (107.44 miles)
Kirkwood, CA - (113.74 miles)
Big Sur, CA - (124.87 miles)
San Simeon, CA - (125.01 miles)

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