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News & Business Editor: Tom Hobbs, MS
Managing Editor: Amy Williams
Events Editor: Linda Martin Andrews
Film Editor: Sally Peckinpah
Art Editor: Edward Davidian
Theatre Editor: Eve Scheinkoph
Cyber Editor: Tracie Brown

Address Correspondence to: TDN News Editor's Desk

The Tower District News is the original City Business Licensee for this newspaper and Tower 2000 News in the City and County of Fresno California, since 1992.

Web Portal Design Corp., a California Corporation 501(c)(3) registered the Tower District News with the Library of Congress and holds the original Business License for the The Tower District News and Tower 2000 News and has duly and timely complied with Fresno County Superior Court Rules by causing a Public Notice of same to be placed in an accredited local newspaper in the City and County of Fresno, California, periodically as required since 1986.

The minimum monthly press run of the Tower District News is 30,000 being distributed via online news stand and direct mail.

The entire contents of Tower District News & Tower 2000 is copyrighted and trademarked. No copying, republication, transmission, or duplication of the Tower District News is permitted without written permission from the Tower District News Corporate Legal Division.

Web Portal Design Corp. was the first to invest the R&D necessary to explore extensive use of Banner ads on the Tower 2000 News Web site. The TDN & T2000 Banner ad metering system sees each page requested by a user. This specifically includes the requests for all graphic images that are used to make up a page in a browser, including any and all banner ads. Working with Web Portal Design Corp. technology, Tower District News and Tower2000 identifies all of our sponsors' Banner ads being viewed by the visitors and regular readers. This permits the TDN & T2000 editors to then report the actual and potential reach of each Banner Ad impression.

Comprehensive tracking of advertising requires useful and reliable information. Web Portal Design Corp. uses intelligent agents to surf and record which banner ads are active and in what rotation. This provides far more precision in describing which ads are being carried by which of the multiple sites where they are deployed. Each Banner ad is carefully categorized and coded by brand, and advertising strategy. To this inventory information is added page-level traffic data in order to make estimates of the number of impressions each banner ad has experienced.

The Tower District News & Tower2000 is published daily and available at news stands online at []. Arbitron rates the Fresno, CA audience at 629,000 age 12 and over.

The following research links provide more information on this week's overall media market share:

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